Confession # 12: Im so excited for tomorrowwww!!!!!

So for once I had a plan. It wasn’t a very good one, but it was a plan. I talked to Peggy, the woman whose house I’m living in, and told her I would try to be there before 12pm. HAHAHAHA. Yeah right. I honestly do not know HOW I have soo much stuff. Like, I just kept finding stuff. Where did it all come from!? So FINALLY after the WHOLE truck bed was full, I left New Hampshire. It was 2:30. my plan seriously failed. Peggy gave me the gps to get back to the house so I wouldn’t get lost. I thought, you know, even though I have this gps I’ll probably still get lost. Yeahh, that happened. I got lost with a gps. I’ve reached a new level of retarded. Oh, and then when I took the wrong street and went to turn around, I turned into a DO NOT ENTER one way street. Duurrrr. The only good part of this day is, I did get home…finally. Moved in, unpacked, ran out of space to put clothes…

I talked to Rick and was going to meet him in Newington to pick up the computer so I wouldn’t have to drive all the way to Mass to get it. So I woke up and was on my way early since I had to meet him at 9. I made it to Wakefield when he called me. “my computer just crashed.” OMGASDFGHJKL. So I turned around, got home, and went back to bed. Later I thought I would try to put an effort into packing , but you know, that was a complete joke.

  Donna found me a computer!! This guy Rick had an old computer that he was trying to get rid of. It was a g3, 17 inch screen (!!), just installed a new drive, and had ALL the software already installed on it. $300 is what he wanted for it. THREE HUNDRED. That’s all. Omggg best deal ever.

welcome home bec.

welcome home bec.

Back to the east coast- Went to bed at 2am. Woke up at 4 am, left the house at 5. Drove to LA with papa, flight at 7:00am. 4 hour flight, 2 hr bus ride to Dover, 1.5 hr drive back to the cottage. Whew. I made it back in one piece.

Thursday, Friday, Saturday: Shopping, shopping, unpacking, cleaning, laundry, shopping, packing, shopping, shopping, shopping.